Slot Receiver

During a football game, the Slot receiver is an important part of the game’s blocking scheme. This is especially true on runs that start in the outside. It is also important that the Slot receiver has a solid route-running game. This means that the Slot receiver should have excellent hands and speed.

The Slot receiver also plays a big role in the passing game. In a passing attack, the Slot receiver is the quarterback’s pitch target. He also acts as a big decoy for future plays. This is especially important when the quarterback is trying to get the ball snapped.

Slot receivers are more agile and flexible than outside receivers. Their blocking skills are also more important than the outside receivers’. They also have a wider variety of roles than the outside receivers. The Slot receiver can also be used as a pass catcher.

The Slot receiver’s position is also one of the more prominent positions in today’s offense. They can line up on the offensive side of the ball or on the defensive side. They are more common than three wide receivers or a sideline receiver.

The Slot receiver may also be called a “slot cornerback” or “nickel cornerback”. In fact, these guys are a vital part of the defense. They work hand in hand with the nickelback on the other side of the ball.

The Slot receiver can chip safeties and other players as they move around the field. They can also serve as the quarterback’s handoff target.

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